About Us

Our Misson

The Farmanfarma Gallery was established to be a bridge connecting the artists to the viewers. It provides a unique opportunity to present, encounter, and understand art under one ceiling. We offer the artistic community a space in which they can connect to their target audience and their supporters. We provide an environment where viewers can get to know artists and develop a deep understanding of their works, hoping that it would in turn influence and broaden their view of the world. We are grateful and excited to have this opportunity to share our love of art with the interested parties.

We take the following steps in accomplishing the goals of our mission:

1. Establish a continuous presence in the artistic arena
2. Establish a continuous presence in well-known international art biennials
3. Organize two to three art exhibits per year for the inclusion of international artists
4. Organize and maintain one artistic event
5. Manage the art gallery according to the established standards of the industry
6. Follow and distribute news of international exhibits and biennials
7. Encourage art collectors and investors to purchase exhibited works of art
8. Increase viewership and raise the bar of art appreciation among the general public
9. Boost the level of understanding of contemporary art in an effort to increase public participation in arts
10. Promote an atmosphere conducive to better understanding and appreciation of contemporary artists in Iran
11. Establish a center which would facilitate communication and exchange of ideas between Iranian and international artists
12. Encourage positive and open communication among the artists, art critics, art collectors, and the general public
13. Support original artistic ideas and works
14. Participate in research, documentation, and publication of artistic materials
15. Organize contemporary art collections in collaboration with art collectors
16. Provide art valuation services according to the established standards, and services meant to protect legal rights of the artists
17. Recognize and encourage emerging artists
18. Provide internship opportunities for eligible university students interested in research, as well as gallery operations and management
19. Cooperate with artistic and scientific student associations
20. Organize at least one philanthropic event per year